Where to study in Germany?

From Flensburg to Konstanz and from Aachen to Frankfurt (Oder)- if you decide to study in Germany, you choose between toughly 170 higher education locations. And also between different types of higher education institutions, such as universities, institutes of technology, universities of applied sciences and colleges of art.
Not an easy choice: 
Big city or rural idyll, traditional or modern, small and manageable or large and lively? There is a university or college in almost every larger German Town. Subject and reputation certainly play the main role in most people’s decision in favour of a particular institution. But choice of location is also important:  smaller towns are often better for finding affordable accommodation and it’s easier to settle in because everything is closer together. Big cities usually offer more international flair and broader range of cultural events. Student infrastructure is particularly prominent in typical German university towns like Munster, Tubingen and Greifswald.  But some universities in rural area are famous for the typical subject.